Fundraising consulting

“The key to fundraising success is follow-up. Without follow-up, meetings have no meaning, events have no significance, and you can’t move forward.”

— Catherine Brack

Have you ever had a meeting like this?


The meeting where introductions are made, presentations are given, questions are exchanged. You shake hands, thank everyone involved, walk out the door, and then…..what? What was that meeting? What. Just. Happened?

We call this the nice meeting. Everyone is perfectly polite, and the hour or so spent together is pleasant, but in the end, all you have to show for it is a few new business cards.

Are you tired of nice meetings?

Would you like your interactions with potential funders turn into partnerships? Would you like your events to be epic and not just another rubber-chicken dinner?

We can help.

With more than 20 years of experience in forming strategic partnerships, we work with you to focus your message, evolve your target list, and get results. We put in the time to get you, to understand your mission and to put together a plan that is actionable and feasible. We do the hard work that helps you to better realize your mission, and puts cash in the bank.

We innovate, invigorate and dig deep to achieve your goals.  In truth we specialize in results that make your accountants and board happy.

No. More. Nice. Meetings.